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Jacksonville Florida's recording studio.

SmirkLordz Studios is a professional Music Studio in Jacksonville, FL. We offer an impressive array of production and recording services, top-class equipment, and affordable rates in a comfortable studio. Whatever audio style you are interested in recording or whichever instruments you play, we’ve got you covered. Speak with us today to see how we can make your musical dreams a reality.

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In house beat production

Listen and purchase in house beats made by SmirkLordz Studios producers. Individual songs or entire albums are available for licensed use. Contact us with the beat of your choice!

100$ per lease (instant download)
150 per for Custom Beat Lease
500+ for Exclusive



Really liked the vibe in this studio doesn’t seem like you can get that at most places. Best way to describe it is you can really be yourself here!! Awesome place!!

-Cameron J

I enjoy working with the Smirklordz Studio staff. They are very talented, helpful, and insightful. They truly listen to your soul and help to create amazing music. I would definitely recommend Smirklordz Studios to all up incoming artists as well as more experience artists.

-Sophia A

Discover the newest rising talent on our featured  artists in or from Jacksonville Florida!

Artists include Deek, Seddy Hendrinx, FRESH, and more!

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121 E Bay St.

Jacksonville, Florida  32202


Tel: (904) 343-1308 

Our studio is open 6 days a week:

Monday - Friday 8 am - 12:00 am next day

Saturday - 10 am - 12:00 am next day

Sunday - Closed

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